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With a background in psychology, I am currently pursuing my Master's in Digital Social Media at the University of Southern California. This summer, I lived in Berlin and worked as a social media marketing intern for a company called Tech Open Air, also known as TOA. Throughout this experience, I gained valuable insights on the current state of the tech industry and what it holds for the future — all while practicing my marketing skills and learning about project management.

This portfolio will highlight some of my work throughout the internship and how I adapted to the workplace, and I will also share my reflections on how tech companies are embracing a new world of innovation centered around human experience. 



Tech Open Air is Europe's Leading Technology Festival.

The mission of TOA is to help businesses and people "future-proof" their lives. The conference welcomes over 150 speakers and companies that are shaping the future of tech and provides a space for changemakers to meet and network. 


Berlin, Germany

  •    June 1 - July 27, 2019

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